Advanced Video Add

POSM Advance Video Add allows the user to add videos to sessions by previewing the videos before adding them. By selecting a folder in the file finder to the upper right corner, the user can then sort the videos by Name, Date or Size. Selecting a video will begin to play it in the video viewer to the left. This allows the user to fast forward to the title (Intro) pages, or look at the manhole numbers that are in the overlay. The search in Advanced Video add works just like session management. You can search by All Templates in the indexed search or by an individual template by choosing a template name. WildCard searches are also supported by selecting the LIKE search and using a % before or after the data value to search. Once the proper session has been located the selected video can be added to the session by clicking the Add Video button. A video may also be removed from the session by clicking the Remove Video button.