City Works Sync.

POSM Cityworks API Interface for Work Order Transfer.

The new POSM Cityworks API interface allows a POSM Server customer to push data to a CityWorks database via the HTML API interface. The user can search for sessions by template or they can search for any session that has not been pushed to Cityworks by the default search of any selected template. The Default Search is ExportedToGIS which when left blank will search the database for Null or False (0) values. When a session is Added to a Cityworks Inspection it will then be marked as ExportedToGIS as true.

The user must know the URL of their Cityworks Website and a user and password for an employee that has access to Work Orders and can add TV Inspection data.

The software is designed to work with any Entity and Template in Cityworks allowing the user to have multiple Cityworks Template to upload inspections to. The user must also add mappings of the fields that will be pushed to Cityworks. At a minimum, the user must add Cityworks field WorkOrderID mapped to a Work Order field in POSM. The software will not allow adding inspections without this mapping.

Once a mapping has been setup and the sessions that will be uploaded to CityWorks have been selected, the user must select a Work Order from the Work Order dropdown. This will list any assets associated and any current TV Inspections for this Work Order. At least one work order must be selected to act as the base catch all Work Order if a session does not have a work order or the work order in the session is incorrect.

Before pressing the “Add to Inspections” button the user can choose to Force this selected Work Order number for all selected sessions. If this option is not selected the software will search he session first for a work order number, compare it to known work orders in CityWorks. If a match is found, it will use the sessions work order number for the Work Order number. If a match is not found it will use the selected Work Order number.

The software will now automatically link POSM’s HTML Report and Video for the session to the TV Inspection that is added. In the example below the user has uploaded an inspection to Cityworks and the POSM Report and Video link are attached to the session for viewing in Cityworks.

Selecting the observations will show all observation data linked to CityWorks. If there is an image associated with the observation it will be linked to the Observation media.