Export Sessions.

To export inspection/s, check the box next to them in Session Management. Then press the Export Sessions button. A Window’s Explorer Window will pop up. Navigate to the location you would like to save the data to. It is recommended to press the create new folder button here, and create a folder which the data is saved into. Exports do not need POSM or any 3rd party software to be reviewed. The recipient of the inspections can simply click on the index.html file in the export and review the report/s in their web browser.

There is little difference when exporting inspections to a drive or a folder on the computer. The user simply selects which computer’s hard drive or an attached drive from the left side of Window’s Explorer window.

View a standard POSM HTML Export here.

Note: There are other export styles available. In Session Management/Misc tab, sessions can also be ACME Exported as well as database only PACP, LACP, and MACP exports.