GPS Observations.

Do Not Auto Calculate GPS Coord from Header Points: Disables POSM from auto calculating the GPS points of each observation.

Enable Unique Random String: Turns on the unique random string. Used to match up observations in POSM database with external GIS database.

Store Unique Random in Field: Select the special field that the unique random string is saved to. The options are 1st-9th Dimension or Remarks.

Day Search to Ensure Random: Increase or decrease the complexity of the generated random strings so that there are not accidental duplicate random values during the course of work.

Use Unique Field in Template: Select the template where the unique random string will be used.

Use Unique Field in Template with Access Point Observations: Select the template where Unique Random String is associated with the Access Point Observations. Used to match up POSM Access points in database to external GIS database.