Summary Reports.

POSM Summary Reports provides an overview with the totals of the selected sessions. To begin making a summary report search for a project, date range, asset name, fault name, etc and select the sessions to be summarized. Press the Summary Report button and the Summary Report Options window will display. Select the fields to be summarized. POSM can summarize any of its 56 special fields. Select the fields to summarize and the display will change to reflect the added fields. The reports can also be sorted and grouped by changing Sort Summary By and Group Summary By. Grouped reports can also have sub-summaries by clicking “Summarize Groups.” This is useful for creating a summary report that lists how much of each size of pipe was televised for example.

To print the Summary Report press Print Report or Print Preview. The Print Preview will allow the user to quickly change printing options such as portrait or landscape printing.

The new Summary Report will also display in the Report CD list. To erase a Summary Report select it from the list and press Delete. If you wish to clear everything in the CD folder press Clear Report CD. Below is an example of a Summary Report.

Generate Summary.