Import POSM Data.

Import POSM Data is used to import inspections created by POSM. This is the simplest import. On the left is a tree style navigation pane. Navigate to the folder that contains the inspection’s database. Inspection database/s will show up on the top right pane. Check the box/es for the databases that are to be imported. Once selected press the Begin Import Button. a pop-up window will appear after the import has concluded.

Overwrite Options.

Overwrite Options are very important. They specify how duplicates are to be handled. A duplicate would occur when an inspection that is already in the current POSM database is attempted to be imported. The default setting is skip session, which will simply skip the import of a duplicate inspection. After inspection is completed, a summary or how many inspections have been imported and skipped is displayed. When importing data, there are three options for overwriting existing data. Create New Session will create a new session each time a session is imported regardless if it is in the database already. Overwrite Session will delete any data belonging to the old session and import the new one. Skip Session will skip importing a session if it already exists in the current database.