Print Jewel Case for Report Folder.

Burn the DVD and when the label is ready to be generated press the “Print Jewel Case for Report Folder”
button. A window box will appear to ask the label of the disc. Enter a name and then press OK.

Press "Print" button to print the jewel case with your printer.

The user may change the CD Title and CD Name if they so choose. To create a label press the “Open DVD Label” button.

Customizing disc covers and labels will require that Nero Cover Designer is installed and the Path to Nero Cover Designer is set. The default path for Nero Cover Designer is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero 12\Nero CoverDesigner 12\CoverDes.exe".

Contact POSM Support for assistance installing and configuring Nero Cover Designer.

The label may now be printed on many different types of DVD label paper.