Press Connect to start a remote support session with POSM Support.

Remote Support

The POSM Remote Support Application is the easiest way to start a support session.

If you do not already have the Remote Support App: Download, install and run the program from the POSM Website Once installed it can be launched from the desktop shortcut or fromt the Remote Support button on POSM's Main Screen. The first time it is run, fill in the required fields, then press the Connect button in the POSM Remote Support app. For Quickest Assistance Simply Run the Remote Support App To Get Started.

How to Connect to Remote Support Tutorial Video.

News Article: Get the POSM Remote Support Application.

POSM Software Website Support Page.

Launch POSM Remote Support using the Windows desktop or start menu or press the Remote Support button on the main screen of POSM.

Remote Support Desktop Icon  POSM Remote Support Application Button

Remote Support Disable UAC

After the connect button is pressed, two different pop up windows will appear. Press "Ok" button on both of them to proceed.

Once the support session is active the chat window will be visible. Communicate with POSM Support through this chat dialogue.