Server Backup Tool

News Article: POSM's Got It: One-Click Server Inspection Backup.

The POSM Server Backup tool allows a customer to sync a local database from an inspection system to a POSM Server. Rather than having to export to a drive and then import to POSM server, the user simply starts POSM Backup and presses Run Backup.

To begin, start POSMServerBackup.exe from the POSM folder on the inspection system (local POSM folder). If the path to the server has not been set, press the Set Path button.

Select the POSM.exe from your POSM Server folder.

To begin the backup sync press the “Run Backup” button. The backup software will not run a timer until the backup process is finished.

The status will change to Complete when finished.

Checking the POSM Server the new sessions will be added.