External Inspection Compare.

This function allows POSM to import a csv formatted table to compare it to inspections in the POSM database. To use this function your template must use the AssetID and FullInpsectionComplete special fields. It will output three files. CompleteInspections.csv will list all of the inspections that are Fully Complete. IncompleteInspections.csv will list sessions that exist but there is not at least one session that is Fully Complete. NotInspected.csv will output the list of sessions that have not been inspected at all in POSM. To begin, open session management and then click the Exports tab then the “Ext Inspection Compare” button.

If you have an Excel spreadsheet open it in Excel first and then save as to CSV (comma separated values). You can then click the Open External CSV Data button and select your input data file.

Select the Asset ID Header field from your CSV data file. If there are more than one type of Asset IDs (such as Mainlines and Laterals), the process inspections will have be run more than once. To begin press the Process Inspections button.

To begin press the Process Inspections button.

Once complete the program will open the list of Inspections that are fully complete. To open the files go to the POSM directory folder and open the CompleteInspections.csv, IncompleteInspections.csv and NotInspected.csv with your spreadsheet application.