Edit Video For Session.

This is also the window that pops up at the end of a live inspection, allowing the user to verify that the video was successfully recorded.

There are video controls that allow the user to: play the video backwards, pause, stop and play forward. Next to the video controls is a slider that allows the user to adjust the playback speed of the video.

The Safe Save Merge checkbox should be enabled for most systems. This backs up video segments into the POSM/Video/VideoBackup folder when merging them into one video.

Add Button enables additional video/s to be added to the inspection.

Del Button deletes the video that is presently selected in the dropdown menu.

Open Media Folder is the same function as Session Management/Media/Open Folder. It opens the session's video folder in Windows Explorer.

Open Pano Player will open the video in the POSM 360 Player. This is for viewing 360 videos from POSM Manhole or POSM 360.

Exit will close the Edit Video For Session window..