Panomorph Post Process.

This is where POSM 360 inspections are post processed to generate a flat view of the pipe. The Flat view of the pipe can be divided into multiple columns on the PDF report.

POSM 360 is unlocked and enabled in Edit Preferences Setup POSM Pano.

Col Per Page: Choose how many columns of unwrapped page are on each report page. Options are 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns per page.

Clear Temp After Smoothing: Remove the temporary files used to create the flat views after the processing is finished.

1 Process Pano. Proccesses the video into image slices that can be stitched together as one single image.

2 Smooth Pano Output: Runs smoothing filter on image to minimize distortion and artifacts.

3 Smooth BMP to PDF: Sizes the flat view to the specified number of columns and outputs a PDF report to the session's folder.

Process All: Run steps 1-3. One button operation to process inspection/s.

Open PDF: Open the PDF report.

Width and Height: The resolution of the video slices being processed into images.

2 Column Report.

Link to PDF.

3 Column Report.

Link to PDF.