Admin Password Setup.

The Admin Password setup allows for POSM to have specified forms locked down. Once a password has been set it must be entered in order to open the Admin Password Setup. To choose which forms require a password check the box in front of the form name.

Admin Password, locks Setup, Database Template Edit, and Observation Code Edit: Input desired password into this box.

Setup: Locks Edit Preferences from being accessed without password.

Ovservation and Code Editor: Locks the Observation and Code Editor from being modified without password.

Do Not Allow User to Add Observations during Session: Some templates allow users to input new observations during a live inspection. Checking this box disables this functionality without a password.

Database Template Editor: Locks the Database Template Editor from being modified without password.

Delete Sessions: Locks out the ability to Delete Inspections without password.

Whole Run Encoder Settings: Disables editing the whole run video recording settings while in the live inspection window.

Session Management Save / Print Options: Disabled modifying POSM Report Printing Options.