Text Overlay.

Setup Text Overlay is where text that is overlayed onto the video is configured.

Items can be positioned on screen and designated as Always On or During Fault.

The Decade Engineering Xbob-4 is the most common overlay used with POSM, Shown here are the default settings for this device. POSM Supports 15 other overlays from different manufacturers and inspections systems. See POSM Default Settings For Every Overlay site for standard settings for all supported overlays.

The video text overlay device may be turned on and off by checking the Enable Video Overlay Box. Enable Refresh Overlay will repaint the text on the screen. If a refresh is not desired disable this feature. Set the number of seconds between refresh updates. The text overlay itself is broken up into 11 (Version 2) or 17 (Version 3) rows and 28 (Version 2) or 40 (Version 3) columns of video. To make it easy, POSM splits the columns into 3 groups, Left, Center, and Right. To change a line of text click on its row, then modify the settings in the Left, Center, and Right boxes. To clear a line of text, select the line and click Clear Line. There are two types of text: Pre-Text and an Item. The Pre-Text is the text box on top. The Item is the drop down below the Pre-Text. If MH is typed into the Pre-Text box, and MH Start Num is selected from the drop down, POSM will put the Start ID (Start Manhole Number) on screen in this location and MH before the Start ID. The Up and Down buttons will change the order that the Intro Pages will display. If a page needs to be temporally hidden it can be turned off by highlighting the page and un-checking show page. The time that a 48 page will be displayed may be changed by highlighting the page and changing the time in seconds. Intro pages may be edited by clicking Database Template Editor from POSM's Main Screen.

If your Xbob-4 fails, it can be replaced by ordering on from the POSM Shop page.