Voice Overlay.

Voice Overlay is where computer generated text to speech is configured.

The computer generated voice can speak each fault as well as the intro pages.

POSM has the ability to speak the details about each observation added. This can be enabled by checking the Enable Fault to Speech box. Intro pages may also be spoken by checking the Speak Intro Pages box. Up to four items may be spoken each time an observation is added. By default POSM will say for example: Lateral Left at 45.6 Feet, 9 O Clock, Light Severity, the distance, fault name, fault position, or severity. To choose an item, select it from the drop down. POSM can also speak extra text after the item to describe the item. POSM supports SAPI 5.1 text to speech engines. To select an engine, select it from the drop down. To change the rate of speech, move the slider. Moving the slider to the left slows speech and to the right speeds the speech up. The settings may be tested by typing some words into the box and clicking the test settings button.