Auto ID Naming.

Auto ID Generate will fill a data box into POSM's Header page from other fields selected in the header.

Enable Auto ID Field Generate: Turns on the Auto ID Field Generate function. This enables the Generate ID button when starting a new session.

Disable Auto Generate ID Field Clear:

Use Auto ID in Template: Select the template that utilizes the Auto ID Generator.

Generate ID Into Field: Specify the field number where Asset ID is in template.

Max Length: Specify maximum number of characters allowed for the Asset ID.

Build ID From Fields: Up to 10 fields can be used to construct the Asset ID.

Seperator: Choose the character that seperates each item. The options are None, Space, Dash or Underscore.

Not Required: Makes items optional in the Asset ID. If an item is required and it is not filled in, the user will be prompted to fill in the value before an ID may be generated.