Create ISO External Burn.

For systems that the disc drive is not compatible with POSM's direct burn driver the fallback option is the ISO burn. POSM creates a standard ISO file and can burn the disc with the built in Microsoft ISO burner.

To export sessions to and ISO and then disk, check the session/s in session management. Then press Save for CD/DVD Button. After that process completes press the Create ISO Ext Burn button. Once the Windows Disc Image Burner opens press Burn button to burn the disc.

Note: For this function to work the path to ISO burner must be set in Edit Preferences/POSM Options. The standard settings of the Microsoft ISO Burner are generally pre-set in POSM. If not the path is C:\Windows\System32\isoburn.exe. Other ISO burners may be used if the path to ISO burner is set to point at its executable.