Setup POSM Options.

This preference window has options to set paths to helper applications as well as toggle different modes and settings.

Path to MS Paint: Set the path to a raster image editor. Microsoft Paint is set as default because it comes pre-installed on Windows computers. This feature is used in POSM when a user exports a screen capture from an inspection window and wishes to further edit the image. On Windows 11, the path to paint has changed to: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Paint_11.2206.6.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\PaintApp\mspaint.exe  

Path to Spreadsheet: Set the path to table editor software. The free, open source application Libre Office is set to default. Microsoft Excel or other table editing software could optionally be used. The spreadsheet is used by POSM when exporting Summary Reports.

Path to ISO Burner: Set the path to ISO burning application. Microsoft Window's built in isoburn.exe is the default application. ISO burner is used as a fallback if POSM's native disc burning SDK is not compatible with a computer's DVD-R drive. Create ISO Ext Burn in Session Management utilizes this feature.

Path to Pano Player: POSM 360 systems have a standalone player application for their synchronized wrapped and unwrapped views.

Stretch POSM to Full Screen: Toggles the application between stretch to full screen size or standard size.

Force Portable Mode: Turns off communication and display of the overlay.

Reset Session Modified on ReSync: Changes all inspections to modified status after resyncing the database. This will force a recreation of HTML reports when Export GIS and HTML Data is run again on POSM Server.

Use Severity Values From: Enables users to manually select which special field is used for severity ratings.

Manual Distance Entry for Template: Switches off the footage counter when a specified template is used for an inspection.

Always use 2nd Encoder for Template: Uses a 2nd Encoder when an inspection uses a specified template. This is special use toggle for a few lateral and mainline combination inspection systems. It helps force the use of a lateral launcher's distance encoder when later inspections are performed and use the mainnline's distance encoder when mainline inspections are performed.

Auto Increment Pre-Text Value: Character that is placed before Auto Increment file naming.

POSM Real Time Plot Setup

Enable Real Time Plot: Turns on the real time Floating Plot Report Window in the Inspection Screen. This is a floating window that displays the Plot Report while the observations are being created.

Real Time Plot Always On Top: Forces the Real Time Plot window to always be on top of other applications.

Report Index Fields

Optional Field 1: Use the specified filds in the HTML Report Index. Adds a field to the index.html of exported session/s. Useful if the report needs to display more information than default.

Place Video Name in NASSCO Media:

Portable Mode - Capture Header: Turns off overlay and operates in portable mode where distance is not automatically updated.

Force Manual Distance Entry:Toggles a portable function in inspection window: when add observation button is pressed, the Enter Distance window pops up for the user to manually enter the distance.

Create Group Fill in Intro (Header):

Enable On Screen Video Clock: Toggles on the on-screen video clock reference graph. The clock is only on screen for reference to assist the operator in more accurately deducing the clock position of an observation. The clock image is not captured on images or videos in the inspection. When this feature is activated, in the inspection window, the clock appears superimposed over the video when an observation's clock position drop-down menus are activated.

Disable Continuous Distance Check: Disables POSM from continuously monitoring the distance from the camera system. Distance is only updated when observations are recorded.

Force MGO before Last Observation: Makes the user add a general observation before the final access point observation during a survey.

360 Manhole Inspection: Turns on 360 flat video and virtual pan and tilt mode in the inspection window. This is used with the Owl Vision Systems 360 Manhole Camera.
For more information on setting up the Owl Vision 360 Manhole Camera in POSM, see Default Settings For Every Overlay - Owl Vision Systems 360 MH Camera page.

360 flat equirectangular video view of manhole.

Virtual pant and tilt video view of manhole.

Auto Increment Pre-Text Value: Text that appears before the auto increments.

Reset Auto Increment Value: Resets the count of auto increments back to 0.

Plot Severity Color Override

Enable Plot Severity Color Override: Overide the default color values for 1-5 severity ratings on the Plot Report. The default values are 1 Light: Blue, 2 Moderate: Green, 3 Average: Orange, 4 Heavy: Red, 5 Severe: Dark Red.

1 Light:

2 Moderate:

3 Average:

4 Heavy:

5 Severe: