Print and Review Reports.

Open Reports function can be found on the Main Screen as well as Session Management. This allows the user to preview the HTML report that POSM will create for an inspection. Each tab will cycle through the various types of reports. Reports can be printed from this window as well. Each of these reports can be customized to meet the user’s needs.

View a standard POSM HTML Export here.

Title Page.

The Title Page or Header Page creates an HTML report from the session information data that was entered. This report can be modified by using the POSM Header Page Report Editor. Each template used in POSM must have a title page template. Any aspect of the template can be changed such as pictures, font size, items shown, background, and the layout of the report itself. 3rd party editors such as Microsoft FrontPage or any other HTML editor may be used to modify the template itself. The HTML title page templates reside in the folder C:\Program Files\POSM\Templates. The name of the file correlates with the name of the template.

Generate Report Functions.

The buttons at the bottom of the report generator allow the user to prepare the reports for burning to a recordable media.

Print All: Will print all of the reports that are displayed under each tab with one click.

Print Report: Will print the currently displayed tab. When under the Faults Tab POSM will use a special function to split the pages of the reports so that they may print properly.

Print Preview: Will open the currently displayed tab in a preview window.

Exit: Closes the Report Generator.